Ginsburg returns to Supreme Court bench in public session

Ginsburg returns to Supreme Court bench in public session
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned to the bench Tuesday. (AP Photo/Rebecca Gibian)

WASHINGTON (AP/Gray News) — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is back on the Supreme Court bench, eight weeks after surgery for lung cancer.

The 85-year-old justice walked unassisted to her seat beside Chief Justice John Roberts when the court began its public session Tuesday.

Ginsburg wore her customary black robe and ornamental collar.

She said in an earlier statement that her surgery was successful and there is no evidence of any remaining cancer.

Ginsburg has battled two other forms of cancer; in 1999, she had surgery for colorectal cancer and in 2009 surgery for pancreatic cancer.

She had returned to the Supreme Court building on Friday for the first time since her surgery in December, but that was for the justices' private conference. She also was captured on camera on Monday by the TMZ website walking through a Washington airport.

Ginsburg missed the court’s arguments in January as she recovered from the surgery. But the court said she participated in the court’s work during her absence.

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