Maori Davenport’s lawsuit against AHSAA dismissed

Judge grants dismissal Wednesday

Maori Davenport’s lawsuit against AHSAA dismissed
Maori Davenport (Source: Tara Peterson Davenport)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Wednesday, a judge granted the dismissal of Maori Davenport’s case against the Alabama High School Athletic Association.

Following Ramsay’s 44-42 win over Charles Henderson in the region tournament, a motion was filed to dismiss Maori Davenport’s case against the AHSAA.

Carl Cole, the attorney representing Davenport, released the following statement:

"As you can tell by her eloquent statement to ESPN, being out there with her teammates was what mattered to Maori and that was the main point of the lawsuit, to allow Maori to finish the season on the court with her teammates. She did. It ended earlier than we hoped, and before our court date which was mutually agreed by the parties to be next week, before the final four, but it ended nevertheless and the feeling is the issue is moot and to continue would be a waste of judicial resources, especially considering the AHSAA filed two motions to dismiss.”

AHSAA’s attorney Jim Williams said they had planned to file an objection.

“We received a Motion to Dismiss filed by Plaintiff’s attorney today. Before we had an opportunity to file an objection, an Order was entered by the Court dismissing this case. We did not consent to the dismissal. The Association will discuss its options at its next scheduled Board meeting.”

Davenport was initially ruled ineligible to play by AHSAA back in November after USA Basketball gave her an $850 check after playing with the organization over the summer. The money, which was said to be issued as an oversight, was later returned, but AHSAA ruled Davenport violated its “amateur rule,” and she was benched for her last year of play.

Davenport was ruled eligible to play following an emergency motion that was filed back in January.

A hearing was scheduled for Friday to determine if a change of venue was necessary for the case, and that a hearing on whether or not the AHSAA acted inappropriately in their November ruling against Davenport was scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday.

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