New policy threatens job of Walmart greeter with cerebral palsy; parents and community fight to save it

Walmart greeter with cerebral palsy back at work, for now

MONROE TOWNSHIP, PA (WNEP/CNN) – A Walmart greeter in Pennsylvania is back at work for now, but he might soon be out of his job because of his cerebral palsy.

His family and others in the community are taking action, hoping his situation won’t come to that.

With a smile on his face, Adam Catlin walked into a Walmart in Snyder County, PA, for his shift as a greeter on Friday.

It was his first shift back since he was told his job description is changing.

Catlin was told last weekend he would need to stand for his entire eight-hour shift and be able to lift up to 25 pounds. His cerebral palsy makes that impossible.

He has until April 26 to comply with the new regulations or he no longer has a job.

"Hopefully they let me stay at Walmart," Catlin said.

Before his shift, Catlin and his parents met with Walmart managers.

According to Catlin’s mom, Walmart told Catlin he could be a cashier or a photo lab assistant – but both of those positions will be too physically demanding.

His mother, Holly Catlin, would like to talk to corporate managers, but she hasn’t been contacted yet.

"I'm just ready to go back to my co-workers and get back to normal," Adam Catlin said.

Walmart shoppers said they were happy to see Catlin back at work.

"He was always a joy to see in the store. I hope they can keep him on," said Gloria Bucher. "I have a smile from ear to ear. I was glad to see him."

“I come and support, just walk around and show my support,” Denise Phillips said. “I don’t buy nothing. A lot of us aren’t going to do it, unless we know for sure he has his job.”

The Catlin family has an attorney, and Holly Catlin says she will contact the store again in the next few days to check in.

She said she’s been contacted by dozens of other Walmart employees who are also losing their jobs because of the new regulations.

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