Special session for possible gas tax increase begins

Gov. Ivey reinforces critical issues in special session

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Lawmakers gathered for a short time period Wednesday to begin the special session. They are considering passing a state gas tax increase after Gov. Kay Ivey called for a special session Tuesday night.

Ivey sat with WSFA in an exclusive interview to talk about her plan.

“I think at the end of the day people realize that we’ve got a tremendous problem with our infrastructure,” she said.

Her plan includes a 10-cent gas tax increase over the next three years.

“I won’t go any lower,” Ivey said.

The tax would increase no more than one penny every two years.

Watch the full interview with Gov. Kay Ivey talking about the infrastructure bill:

Exclusive interview with Gov. Kay Ivey about gas tax

But it could be a long haul to get the bill passed during the special session. Some lawmakers were frustrated they had not seen all three filed infrastructure bills before the session began, partially because of server issues.

Other lawmakers thought the session came too quickly and still want to add amendments to the infrastructure bills.

For freshman lawmakers this gas tax increase could be their first vote. Some want more time to tell voters the specifics about the tax.

Ivey said the freshman running for House and Senate were debriefed on the need for an infrastructure bill before they were elected.

“And they were vetted before the House and Senate leadership and if they were not for the gas tax for infrastructure, they were not encouraged to run,” she said.

The bill will head to committee Thursday morning.

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