New touch video screen highlights Paul W. Bryant Museum Upgrades

UA's Bryant Museum back open with major upgrades

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Coach Paul Bear Bryant’s record remains set in stone.

But fans’ access to the legacy he left behind can change with a finger touch or swipe.

″Start from his first season at Maryland, Kentucky, Texas A&M and the Alabama years," Ken Gaddy, Director of the Paul W. Bryant Museum, told WBRC.

He showed off the new touch screen that’s been up and running for more than a week now.

“You can go into a team picture, go to a row, pick a player. Bruce Stevens, there will be multiple pictures of the player,” Gaddy added.

This video board is the highlight of more than $600,000 in renovations that happened here in February. Billy Scroggins, who played under Bryant from 1966 to 1968, saw the screen for the very first time Tuesday and came away impressed.

“Oh it’s great. I tell you I’d like to bring my wife down here. Let her know I was down here doing something,” Scroggins smiled and said.

The video board allows the museum to satisfy a new generation of customers who demand an interactive experience.

“And for us it allows us to put much more information in than we could before,” according to Gaddy.

There are six screens for fans to decide which part of Bryant’s history they want to relive. “You the visitor get to pick what you want to see,” Gaddy concluded.

Despite those expensive upgrades, some things are staying the same. The price of admission is not changing. Children and Senior citizens get in for $1, adults $2.

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