Spike Lee executive produced film to use old BTW admin buildings

Old BTW buildings to be used in upcoming Spike Lee film

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A new movie from director Alexander Brown and executive producer Spike Lee will soon begin filming in Montgomery, and the old Booker T. Washington school building will be put to use.

At Thursday’s Montgomery Public Schools board meeting, the board voted to the old administration buildings to be rented of for the movie “Son of the South.”

The movie is set in 1961 and is based off a book titled “The Wrong Side of Murder Creek,” written by Bob Zellner. He was the grandson of a KKK member who found himself taking part in the Civil Rights movement.

MPS spokesman Tom Salter said the school system agreed to rent the old buildings for three months at a rate of $4,500 per month for a total of $13,500. Salter said filming will begin in the next few days as soon as they can get the keys and turn everything back on.

“It’s an honor to be telling a story about a Montgomery hero here in Montgomery where it took place," said producer Stan Erdreich. "We’re thrilled to have the cooperation of BTW and the city and county.”

A fire destroyed part of the school back in August. The buildings that will be used in the film are on the west side of Union Street and were not a part of that damage.

If you’d like to audition for a role you can e-mail the casting agency at golemancasting@yahoo.com.

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