Possible tornado causes damage across Elmore County

Possible tornado causes damage across Elmore County

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - At least 40 structures in Elmore County sustained damage after a possible EF-2 tornado touched ground on Thursday night.

Elmore County Emergency Management Agency Director Keith Barnett said the 40 structures damaged were either businesses or residential properties, not barns and sheds.

Barnett said the damage spanned multiple areas in Elmore County, including Holtville, Lake Jordan, Slapout and Titus.

The National Weather Service in Birmingham said a possible EF-2 tornado caused damage for six miles.

“This here seems to be the worst damage, along Thornton road in Titus," Barnett said.

The storm caused heavy tree and structure damage and many downed power lines, causing power outages across the county.

Chet Matthews owns 60 acres of land in Elmore County, and while his house didn’t sustain any damage, his property did.

“All our perimeter fences have damage. There are trees down everywhere, so we’re trying to assess the damage and try to see where we’re at, and what it’s going to take to clean all this up and get new fences put back up," said Matthews. “We’ve checked on a few of our neighbors to see how they were and they’ve got damage, but just thank God nobody got killed or seriously injured.”

“I’ve seen everywhere from just one tree down in somebody’s yard all the way up to the damage you see behind us. So, it’s varied based on where the storm path went and the structures and so forth," Barnett said.

On Friday, Barnett had teams assess the area for damage.

“We try to make contact with the homeowners, if possible, but at least record the address where the damage is, what type of damage they have and to what degree," said Barnett. "Then, we can try and help put resources with the needs.”

For now, Barnett said they do not need the help of volunteers, but that could change.

“We want to hold off until we’ve got an idea of what we’ve got before we start having people show up. So, we are putting that together and then we can follow up to help the people recover," said Barnett. “We need to figure out if we need to open a volunteer resource center, or if this is something we can possibly handle.”

So far, no injuries or fatalities have been reported.

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