Dos and don’ts for a safe spring break

Dos and don’ts for a safe spring break

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - For many schools in Alabama,spring break is in full swing, or it’s right around the corner. While many folks take the week-long school vacation to leave town, there are some things to do to make sure situations don’t land you in trouble or danger.

Law enforcement officials say you should pay attention to social media, both what your kids are posting and what you are posting on your accounts.

“Your kids have more free time, they’re online longer, they’re online more. So, be aware of what they’re doing. Pay attention,” said Mike Swafford, Morgan County Sheriffs Office. “The other piece of that is if you are gonna be gone don’t put it on social media. Don’t show the whole world that you’re gone, and that’s one way to protect your home and your property."

When using an Uber or Lyft, double check the driver. The driver’s name, license plate number and photo will appear on your phone when you request the ride. Make sure the right person is picking you up. If you’re not using one of those driver services, make sure you have a designated driver.

"Drinking and driving is a major problem especially around this time of year because you're out having a good time and you don't realize how much you have drunk so if you can just get into the mindset of not drinking and driving at any point you will be in good shape,” said Sgt. Chris Anderson, Columbus Police Motor Squad.

If you are out of town, take a card from your hotel with the name, number and address just in case you need help getting back.

When you leave town, make sure you turn on some lights around your house, give the impression that someone might be home, and lock your doors.

Also, remember that kids are out of school, so as you drive around neighborhoods there will likely be more of them outside. Be sure to drive carefully and cautiously.

Here’s a list of dates for spring break at schools in Alabama:

Montgomery Public Schools March 18-22

Pike Road March 18-22

Elmore County March 25-29

Autauga County March 25-29

Dallas County March 25-29

Butler County March 25-29

Covington County March 25-29

Pike County March 11-15

Bullock County March 25-29

Macon County March 25-29

Lee County March 25-29

Auburn City March 11-15

Opelika City March 18-22

Andalusia City March 25-29

Tallassee City March 25-29

Tallapoosa County March 18-22

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