New imaging technique may detect cancer earlier, save lives

Researchers making progress in early detection of cancer

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Researchers in Dallas are making some progress in the early detection of cancer. They’ve created new imaging that can find cancer at the molecular level and may already be saving lives.

In his University of Texas at Dallas lab, Dr. Bonway Fay is able to see cancer unlike ever before. He’s developed new technology that can detect cancer in its infancy.

Fay said the combination of real time imaging and molecular imaging can guide doctors directly to the area where cancer might be growing.

“We have a conducted a clinical trial and find out that we are able to have five times higher cancer detection rates,” said Fay.

Fay’s trial was done on patients with prostate cancer. The images show exactly where the cancer is, saving the patient from multiple biopsies but the impact is even greater when it comes to early detection.

“Five year survival is almost 100 percent if we are able to detect it earlier we save life," Fay said. "However, if the cancer spread to other organs the survival for prostate cancer is only 30 percent. So new imaging tech can improve cancer survival and save life.”

Fay hopes his work will ultimately be applicable in all kinds of cancer.

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