Sen. David Burkette talks recovery after suffering stroke

Sen. David Burkette continues recovery after stroke

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - State Senator David Burkette is opening up about his personal health battle and the effect it’s had on his work. Back in December Burkette suffered a stroke. In nearly three months he’s made steady improvements on his road to recovery.

“I couldn’t raise my left leg, I couldn’t turn my feet, I couldn’t lift my arm, but I can do all of that now," he said.

Burkette says he has always believed in hard work.

“Nothing came easy for me in my entire life. I don’t expect nothing else will,” Burkette said.

It is this mindset he’s used as motivation during this time.

“I had a lot to fight for,” said Burkette.

He attributes his success to his family, friends, and God.

“It involves your faith in God that is for sure," he said.

Since the start of the legislative session he’s been balancing his work at the state house with therapy sessions and doctor appointments.

“I have not missed a session or a committee meeting," said Burkette.

The state senator is hoping his story is a wake up call to others and could help save lives.

“I was one of the ones who thought I was healthy for my age. A stroke can happen to anyone, at any time, at any age," said Burkette. "The stroke didn’t happen to me, but for me so that I can get the awareness out there.”

Tuesday, Burkette was able to help get a resolution passed to recognize stroke awareness month in May. The senator says he is working on several bills for this legislative session.

Burkette is a retired educator and former member of the Montgomery City Council.

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