Tallassee city council votes to ‘condemn’ landmark

Historic Tallassee hotel voted to be condemned

TALLASSEE, AL (WSFA) - Broken, cracked and only a shell of its former glory.

Tallassee professional photographer Suzy Solomon Wilson remembers those days well. She says the 1990s were the heydays, the days of long lines, fried chicken and home-made desserts, a booming time for businesses across the street.

“There were so many weddings and parties during that time," she said.

The hotel was built in 1928. Initially known as Woodall Hotel, the name changed to Hotel Talisi in 1962.

For 81 years it stood the test of time but could not handle the weight of an arsonist 10 years ago. Here’s a snippet of that 911 call:

“911 what’s your emergency?"

“There’s a fire behind the hotel!" the caller said.

Despite grand plans to bring it back to life, it never happened. The roof has caved in followed by complaints from the locals. That more or less forced the Tallassee city council to condemn it less than two weeks ago.

”We’ve had some flashing that flew off the building during some of these storms, some straight line winds," said Tallassee mayor John Hammock.

WSFA 12 News reached to property owner Wylie Troupe. Troupe says for now he has no comment but may talk about the city’s vote at a later time.

“He has 30 days after the appeal before he can see the city council. He can see them anytime in between during set meetings," said Mayor Hammock.

Not only does it appear the wall is about to collapse on one side but a pedestrian had a close call with a falling brick not long ago.

“She was actually going to check the barricade and it missed her by a foot or two," said Tallassee building inspector Andy Coker.

It’s unclear whether Wylie Troupe will appeal the city council’s vote. What we do know is time, age and a fire have chipped away an old legend.

The arsonist was a teenager. He was convicted and sentenced to prison. Mayor Hammock says if the appeal holds up, the city would likely have the building torn down and file a lien on the property.

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