Puppy dies during transcontinental flight

PASADENA, CA (KCAL/KCBS/CNN) - A family is demanding answers after their puppy died during a flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles.

The 5-month-old purebred Central Asian shepherd named Bear The puppy was flying KLM Airlines from Amsterdam to Los Angeles when the airline said died.

The family has hired an attorney. Their focus is not money. They want to know what happened to their beloved pet and where it is.

Andranik Avetisian said the pup from Greece was a gift from a family friend.

"His name Bear, a beautiful, white, very healthy dog," he said.

Bear would have become the family dog for his two children.

Over the last few months, they got updates via pictures and video, and just last week, Bear was finally on his way to America when he died.

“I couldn’t explain what kind of feeling. I couldn’t go home that day. I didn’t know what to say to my kids,” Avetisian said.

He said he was just heartbroken and left with so many questions, questions he said the airline hasn’t answered.

“I want to see the puppy. I asked to see the puppy. What is the condition of the dog? I want to see and there is no way to see the puppy because no one let me do that,” Avetisian said.

“We’re going to get to the bottom of this,” said attorney Evan Oshan, who is representing the family.

“It amazes me that the airline can just take somebody’s dog, somebody’s property, however you want to classify it, and be like, ‘Hey, we are going to keep it as long as we want. We are not going to give it back. We are going to give it back when we want to,’” Oshan said.

Oshan said he’ll continue to fight for this family until they get what they deserve.

“This was the big gift from the family to the family, and this is what happened. It’s just, like, heartbroken,” Avetisian said.

The attorney said if they don’t hear anything back from the airlines, they plan on filing a police report.

As for the airline, KLM had not responded to a request for comment.

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