County Road 12: Reeltown boy grows colossal cabbage

County Road 12: Colossal Cabbage

REELTOWN, AL (WSFA) - If you’ve ever grown something in your garden, you know there’s a feeling of satisfaction when you see the finished product. It’s pretty cool to be able to grow something and then eat it.

One 9-year old boy from Reeltown has a big story about his super-sized vegetable. It all started with a school project.

"They gave us some cabbage plants, told us to grow one, and whoever had the biggest wins,” said Tripp Wilson.

So Tripp and his grandma, Carol Carboni, teamed up and went to work.

Carboni has been growing things for years. She had a nice spot where she had grown some flowers in the past. When they planted the cabbage she knew there was something different about this plant.

“We had people driving by and stopping to take pictures of it,” said Carboni.

Needless to say, this thing was growing fast.

"All we had to do was water in the mornings and the evenings,” said Wilson. It wasn't really that hard. I couldn’t believe how big it got.”

When it was time to weight it, it tipped the scales at 30.1 pounds. Not only did he win the school competition, he also won a state competition. Wilson won a $1,000 savings bond.

But grandma may have won even more, some great one on one time with her grandson.

"Nowadays young people don't know much about growing things,” said Carboni. “When he brought the cabbage home, I said this is your plant, so you have to take care of it."

He took care of it all right. In the end though, the colossal cabbage was just a big snack. They ate it.

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