Families still recovering 1 month after Lee County tornadoes

Lee County survivors still recovering month later

LEE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Wednesday marks one month since 23 people lost their lives in a tornado here in Alabama. It was March 3 when an EF-4 tornado hit Beauregard - devastating the small community.

The recovery is only just beginning. Along County Road 38 you can see how much work is left to be done. There’s a lot of debris still to clean up - there’s also progress... like homes that are being built.

But for the families of the 23 victims - they will never be whole again.

Shamel Hart finds joy in a family photo album... pictures reflect happier times.

It has been one month since she last saw her son Jonathan Bowen.

“I remember rubbing his head,” she said.

She chooses to focus on the good times.

"Weekend was good… Mykahla's performance."

MyKahla is Jonathon’s cousin - she also died in the storm. MyKahla’s mother, Tyesha Hart, says she feels lost without her.

“I forget and go pick her up,” Tyesha said.

She, too, finds comfort in memories of her daughter - like this letter MyKahla wrote her mom telling her how much she loved her.

“She knew she was loved,” Tyesha said.

Tyesha and her other two daughters were injured in the storm. Emotionally, the will never fully heal.

The family says they know they need counseling to deal with the grief. They are appreciative of everyone who has helped them after the storm.

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