Kay Couture prepares for grand opening, Macy’s debut

Kay Couture preps for grand opening

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A Montgomery woman is making her dreams a reality. On Sunday, Brittney Powell will celebrate the grand opening of her store downtown and debut of her clothing and skin care line at a second major retailer.

“I’ve just always had this entrepreneur spirit and wanted to do my own thing,” said Brittney Powell.

Powell, the owner of Kay Couture, has wasted no time making a name for herself.

“I ended up becoming the first African-American woman sole-proprietor in Wal-Mart," said Powell.

What started out as a clothing line nearly four years ago has quickly evolved into a cosmetic and skincare line.

“I have always been into fashion, but I am not a makeup person. It was a project me and my daughter did one day. We were just looking up different things to do on YouTube and did lipsticks. We made it and loved it. My manager was like you need to sell this," said Powell.

Powell’s two daughters have been her main inspiration throughout this journey.

“The business is named after my oldest Katelyn. We call her ‘Kay Kay.’ I wanted to do something that I could leave a legacy behind. They were my motivation to keep going," said Powell.

Kay Couture just opened its shop inside Kress on Dexter.

“We are trying to revitalize the downtown area and it has been a success so far. I love the atmosphere. There is lots of traffic through here during the day," said Powell.

Kay Couture will host a grand opening event April 7 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. inside the Kress Building. The event will coincide with its debut in Macy’s stores worldwide.

“That was like wow I am going somewhere. I am so excited. ” said Powell.

Powell does offer advice to other entrepreneurs out there who are working towards their goals.

“You always have to have something that sets you apart from everyone. You have to own that. Keep going until you get to the goal you want to reach," said Powell.

Powell is also a motivational speaker. She not only shares her journey of entrepreneurship, but being a survivor of domestic violence.

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