Mirly twice as nice for the Trojans

Mirly twice as nice for the Trojans

TROY, AL (WSFA) - At first glance, Troy junior Grace Mirly seems like your typical student athlete, but if you dig a little deeper, you soon realize she lives a double life.

Mirly plays not one, but two Division I sports for the Trojans.

“I first came to Troy playing just softball and I was able to get in contact with the soccer coach, who allowed me to come to a couple practices just to see if my skills were up to par,” said Mirly. “After I was out there for a couple practices last spring, he gave me a spot on the team.”

Mirly, a standout soccer player in high school, was approached by Troy soccer coach Ged O’Connor last year with the idea of joining the team. She and softball coach Beth Mullins were both on board.

“I remember the look I got, it was kind of quizzical at first,” said O’Connor. “I think once we went through and we discussed the pros and cons, you could tell she was excited right from the start.”

“There’s not many kids that if they walk to my office and asked me that I would be okay with it, because I know it would be too tough on them academically,” said Mullins.

Mirly says her years playing on the soccer field has made her a better player on the softball diamond.

“In soccer, you’re not going to be able to complete every pass,” said Mirly. “You’re not going to score every goal and that really helped my mindset with softball, because softball, technically, is a game of failure. I always want to perform the best and I think soccer allowed me to relax and realize I’m here to have fun.”

Mirly admits it can be a little challenging balancing both schedules, on top of going to class, but she wouldn’t change a thing.

“I work best whenever I am I’m doing something,” said Mirly. “If I’m just sitting around, I feel like I’m not accomplishing something. So, being able to just stay active and to stay within a group of girls and just have that camaraderie all year round has been great for a personal growth.”

Mirly was also a high school basketball standout. No word yet if Chanda Rigby will let her suit up next season.

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