Surveillance video shows 18-wheeler crashing into Tarrant, AL daycare; no children hurt

Surveillance video shows an 18-wheeler crashing into a daycare in Tarrant

TARRANT, AL (WBRC) - An 18-wheeler crashed into a daycare in Tarrant on Tuesday morning, none of the children or caretakers inside were hurt.

18-wheeler drives into Tarrant daycare

The accident happened on Cedar Street and Highway 79 at the Precious Seeds Learning Center at the Mustard Seed Faith Cathedral. The 18-wheeler crashed into the sanctuary, and the children and teachers were in another building.

Birmingham Fire and Rescue says 49 children and seven caretakers were inside the building at the time of the crash.

Seven vehicles were involved in the crash, six of the vehicles were occupied. Five people were hurt, and two were taken to the hospital.

Children and their parents were reunited shortly after the incident.

“Actually, I had a relative call while I was at school to let me know that an 18-wheeler had gone through the daycare. The first thing I thought about are the kids ok? By the grace of God, thank God for shielding them from all the harm and danger,” said Lillie Dunner, who’s daughter attends the daycare.

According to her granddaughter, the daycare director and church pastor was one of those injured in the crash. She was sitting in her car outside the building at the time.

“That is when his truck hit the left side of her car, which she was in at the time, and went into the sanctuary. She wasn’t talking much. She was just real shaken up,” said Chauntina Leonard, the director’s granddaughter.

Cody Pruitt works nearby, heard the crash, and ran to help. Once he saw everyone in the daycare was ok, he turned his attention to the truck driver.

“Two other guys were already there. We helped them pin the door back to start helping the guy that driving the truck come out. Actually came out under his own power,” said Pruitt. “The first thing he asked was, were any of the kids hurt?”

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