Butler County employers look to teachers to stem the tide of immaturity

Updated: Apr. 11, 2019 at 5:07 PM CDT
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BUTLER COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - A Butler County school bus filled with public school teachers rolled to their assignment today, and stopped at a local company looking to change a culture.

Before leaving, Tyler Carter shared a story or two of how he’s finding many young workers not mature enough to enter the workforce, primarily those not going to college after high school. In fact, Carter generally won’t consider anyone younger than 25.

“Having a 40-minute lunch and you don’t make it back to work until 55 minutes, and then you have to get on them for not showing up for work on time," said Carter, operations manager for Ref Alabama, Inc.

That’s where Monette Harrision comes in, a physical science teacher at Greenville Middle School. Harrison plans to expand her lessons a bit on getting her students to understand you have to start taking responsibility and grow up.

“It’s a great opportunity for that, and it’s real and it’s relevant," said Harrison.

“When you go talk to an HR director, they’ll say, ‘I want somebody who will come to work everyday, work eight hours, put up the cell phone, pull your pants up and pass a drug test,’" said Vice President of Economic Development and Legal Affairs for Pioneer Electric, Inc. Cleve Poole.

It was Poole who initiated the idea of a field trip for teachers to local companies.

Greenville High School student Martavious Powell feels his involvement in sports is maturing him in ways that will help him score in real life.

“You gotta go to practice everyday, you have to be packed and ready," said Powell, who hopes to earn a collegiate baseball scholarship.

“Our goal is to get all of our educators, not only our teachers, but our support staff and administration - anyone that’s involved in the educational process - get them in the business and industry to see what we’re preparing the students for,” said Butler County Public School Superintendent Dr. John Strycker.

More and more Butler County school teachers will take a field trip much like the one Thursday, all an effort to get students to become more prepared in life beyond high school.

Harrison doesn’t see this as an added burden to her job.

“Because I understand they do the best they can do," she said.

Just an opportunity to change a mindset and get the young generation ready for the greatest teacher of all.. life.

Thursday’s field trip for the teachers was the first of its kind in Butler County. Strycker says future trips to employers will be voluntary for all 187 teachers in Butler County.

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