Elmore County residents to vote on ad valorem tax

Elmore County residents to vote on ad valorem tax

ELMORE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - A week from Tuesday, Elmore County residents will have a chance to vote on a state-mandated 10 mill ad valorem tax for education.

Elmore County Schools Superintendent Richard Dennis has been getting lots of questions about the upcoming vote.

“Frankly, I understand. I didn’t understand it a year-and-a-half ago, but now I have the opportunity to go back and be educated," said Dennis.

When voters head to the polls next Tuesday, they will see four proposals regarding the 10 mills of state-mandated property tax for education. Three of them will renew seven voted mills last approved in 1991, and the fourth is an amendment for the remaining amount.

“We are currently using 778, that is a state-mandated amendment, that fills the gap we currently have with our 10 mills of property tax," said Dennis.

This is not a new tax, but a renewal that is required to be voted on every 29 years. And the superintendent says it won’t change tax revenues.. but could benefit the county.

Dennis says the reason for this reconstruction comes down to one thing.

“In this case, we are making a proposal to renew 7 mills and replace 3 mills with a voted tax opposed to a state-mandated tax,” said Dennis.

Regardless of the outcome of the election the school system says there will not be an increase or decrease in property taxes.

“All residents pay 10 mills of property tax towards education right now. They will not see a change," said Dennis.

Dennis does believe this will be a positive step for Elmore County.

“The money it will stay in Elmore County with our county commission, as far as the fees and assessments, which is positive. We certainly want to work with our county commission," said Dennis.

Depending on where you live in Elmore County you will see two different ballots. One will be for Elmore County and the other will be for the Tallasee City School System, which only has 3 renewals on it. That is because they already have that amendment 382 in place.

Proposed Taxes Coverage
Type of Mill No. of Mills April 23 Vote
Amendment 3 County-wide Voted 3 Renewal of existing tax
Section 269 County-wide Voted 3 Renewal of existing tax
Amendment 3 District Voted 1 Renewal of existing tax
Amendment 382 District Voted 3 Replaces current Amendment 778 – 3 mill tax
Total Mills 10 10

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