Homeowners cleaning up after EF-1 tornado hits Troy mobile home park

EF-1 tornado confirmed in Troy over weekend

TROY, AL (WSFA) - Candice Kyser spent the morning organizing - putting wood chunks in a pile and metal and plastic in a separate pile.

She and her husband, Paul Dunn, were organizing what’s left of their home at Hunter’s Mountain Mobile Home Estates in Troy.

The couple had only lived in their mobile home for about four months before nearly 100 mile per hour winds snatched it from its foundation - flipped it - crushed it - and shot it like an arrow through their neighbor’s home. The National Weather Service in Birmingham confirmed an EF-1 tornado touched down in Troy on Sunday.

“Just amazing the power it would take to throw a whole house and its entire contents that far and into another trailer,” said Dunn.

Thankfully the couple and their two children weren’t at home at the time.

“From the looks of it - there’s no bathtubs, no showers,” said Kyser. “There’s no place in our house - in our trailer - where we would have been able to be and come out safe.”

Not much could be salvaged from their home, but they were able to pull Kyser’s late father’s pictures and favorite T-shirt from the debris.

“That shirt was the most important thing to me out of everything he had because it still smelled like him," said Kyser.

The homeowners expressed concern about if the mobile home was secured to the foundation properly.

The National Weather Service also noted some concerns about how secure the mobile homes were in that community. Fifteen homes in the community were damaged. According to the National Weather Service, many of the homes had anchors that were pulled from the ground and noted straps that were supposed to hold down the homes had rusted.

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