Hundreds travel to Lee Co. storm shelters during Sunday’s tornado watch

Hundreds traveled to Lee Co. storm shelters during Sunday’s tornado watch

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - Yesterday marked six weeks since a series of deadly tornadoes ripped through Lee County and as new severe weather threats appeared, citizens were extra cautious.

Over 200 people went to seek safer shelter at Providence Baptist Church after a tornado watch was issued on Sunday morning.

Other churches such as Saint Ellis Full Gospel and Pine Grove Church also opened their doors to people wanting a more secure location to wait out the storms.

Southern Union State Community College and Auburn University’s campus provided additional safety options.

“At the height of the shelter, the peak, there were over 200 people in the shelter, well over 200,” Rita Smith, of the Lee County Emergency Management Agency, said. “The night of the Beauregard tornadoes, there were only 83.”

Donald Sandifer, a Beauregard resident, said severe weather gets everyone around Beauregard nervous now.

Leading up to yesterday’s storm, he was thinking one thing.

“What happened last time. What happened everywhere else,” Sandifer said.

Sandifer said he was prepared though.

“That’s why I got my RV ready to leave to go to Timbuktu, whatever,” he said.

He had his eye on WTVM weather, already had his RV packed, and was ready to leave Alabama entirely if necessary.

“If the weather people say something bad is coming, that’s when you get the heck out of dodge,” he said.

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