Editorial: AOC- Absolutely Out of Control

Updated: Apr. 17, 2019 at 6:30 AM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - To allow the freshman congressman, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez or AOC, time to get situated, I have kept quiet about her but I can be quiet no longer.

AOC should stand for Absolutely Outta Control. The congressman has made entirely too many gaffs and yet her party continues to be enamored with her.

The New Green Deal is a joke. It is an unrealistic pie in the sky notion. Yet, six Democrats running for president have endorsed it. AOC would have better luck opening a Unicorn farm with gnomes and pixies taking care of them then seeing this fantasy come to reality. I applaud anyone searching to make this world a better place but the notion of eliminating automobiles, airplanes and cows is absurd, and remember we only have 12 years to do it or the world comes to an end.

Whoopi Goldberg early on suggested that AOC sit back and take it all in learn and then become engaged. Bold ideas are great, but no idea is, if the end game will bankrupt a country.

Instead of helping her own constituents from New York, AOC cost her state 25,000 jobs and billions of dollars in tax revenue by attacking Amazon. She blamed the republican party for creating the 22nd amendment to prevent FDR from running for a fourth term. Her facts are distorted as the amendment was passed two years after FDR died. She recently balked at the cost of a croissant at a New York Airport as being too high. As someone with a degree in finance she should know that prices are higher at airports due to higher rent and controlled foot traffic.

Not sure how AOC was voted into office, and I suspect many who did vote for her are asking themselves, why? Bold new ideas should be encouraged, but any good idea designed to create change must be adaptable to reality.

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