Where is your safe place for severe weather?

Where is your safe place for severe weather?
This shows why its important to be in an interior part of your home. Debris can often times penetrate walls.

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Meteorologists say it all the time during severe weather events: “Get to your safe place.”

But where exactly is that?

“For those homeowners that do have a basement, that’s even more ideal for sheltering in place for a tornado warning,” said Chris Tate with the Jefferson County EMA.

Within that criteria you are looking for the most interior, central spot of the house. A spot that is underground is preferable.

If you don’t have a basement, your best bet is to be on the lowest floor and again in an interior spot. A lot of times that can be a hall bathroom or closet.

There are also items you need to have in your safe location. It’s best to place them in there, well before the event happens.

Items for your safe room:

  • Socks and shoes for all family members
  • Bicycle helmets for all family members to wear during the weather event
  • Cushion or mattress to shelter yourself
  • Charged cell phone to call for help and listen for weather updates

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