CVS installs time delayed safes to fight opioid robberies

CVS installs time delayed safes to fight opioid robberies
Time delay safe signage posted in select CVS Pharmacy locations. (Source: Leah Klafczynski)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A new weapon at CVS to stop crooks from breaking into pharmacies looking for opioid drugs.

Over the last number of years, there have been case after case of crooks going into pharmacies looking for a quick score with opioid drugs or other pain killing medicine.

“If someone breaks into your home, they are looking for your money. They are going to look for your drugs because one of those things we know people are looking for drugs to be available for illicit use,” said Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall.

On Tuesday, all 186 CVS pharmacies in Alabama will have signs going up showing opioid drugs are placed in time delayed safes and can not be opened quickly by employees.

“Time delayed safes have successfully deterred pharmacy robberies by electronically deterring the time it takes for pharmacy employees to open those safes. The time delay can not be overridden,” said Tom Moriarty, CVS General Counsel and Executive VP.

Moriarty said CVS customers can still get lawful drug pickups on time as usual. He says the company is confident this latest step will protect everyone and hopefully keep deadly drugs off the streets.

"Pharmacy robberies have been a dangerous side effect of the nation’s opioid crisis. In fact, pharmacy robberies is a challenging issue for every pharmacy in this state,” Moriarty said.

Attorney General Marshall commended CVS for helping in the effort to stem opioid deaths in the state.

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