County Road 12: Troy music man paying it forward

County Road 12: Guitar Man

TROY, AL (WSFA) - When it comes to playing music, some people just have a gift. In Pike County there’s a man who can flat out play the guitar, and he likes to share his knowledge with others.

"I've been playing music all my life,” said musician Lenny Trawick. “I started when I was five."

Trawick was playing in restaurants by the time he was 15. He’s played in bands and also performed alone. About 10 years ago he decided to try something new.

“To me teaching music has been the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.” Trawick said.

Trawick works at Flattops and Fiddles in downtown Troy. On the wall he has pictures of his students. You can see he’s proud of their hard work.

“If you’re going to play an instrument, you can’t, it’s not like riding a bike. If you quit playing a lot of the things you learned will leave you. It’s like starting all over again.” Trawick said.

Student Tyler Harrison has been taking lessons for about a year. He’s a quick learner.

"When I started, I didn't think I could do very well,” said Harrison. "He's taught me a lot of bar chords and other chords I needed to learn that have helped me on some songs that are harder."

“It’s really encouraging to watch some of these young people take it to the next level,” said Trawick.

And as much as he teaches, he’s learning too.

“You never learn it all. It’s a learning process from the day you start until the day you die.” Trawick added.

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