Staying cool when it’s so hot outside

Staying cool when it’s so hot outside

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It’s getting hot outside and that means many people will be cranking up their air conditioning soon.

So how do you stay cool without breaking the bank? Alabama Power suggests kicking up your thermostat some.

“If you are comfortable putting your thermostat on 78 degrees, or a little higher, do that and you will save with every tick of the thermostat you put it up,” said Michael Sznajderman, Alabama Power.

You can compensate and add airflow to your house by using a ceiling fan. The company also suggests getting your AC or heat pump serviced to make sure it’s running correctly, and be sure you are changing your filters on a regular basis.

Alabama Power also offers home energy audits both in person and online.

More energy saving tips and information about home audits check out this link.

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