CDC: St. Clair County infant did not have measles

CDC: St. Clair County infant did not have measles
There are more than 760 measles cases in US, according to the CDC.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama Department of Public Health announced Friday that a St. Clair County infant identified as a ‘presumptive positive’ case of measles earlier this month in fact did not have them.

The ADPH said Friday test results received from the CDC came back negative.

The initial lab test results received by the ADPH on May 2 from a commercial laboratory came back positive.

The Department of Health said the initial ‘presumptive positive’ case was reported out of an abundance of caution after determining it was in the best interest of the public while they waited on additional test results to confirm the case was or was not measles.

As of May 8, the ADPH says there have been a total of 252 reports investigated for measles in 2019. Only 82 of those cases remain open for investigation.

With this case determined negative, Alabama does not have any currently diagnosed cases of measles.

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