Selma woman claims someone else’s headstone was placed on her mother’s grave

Woman claims someone else’s headstone was placed on her mother’s grave

SELMA, Ala. (WSFA) - A Selma woman claims the wrong headstone was placed on her mother’s grave and now her family is demanding action from the city to fix the mistake.

Mattie Smith said last February they buried her mother, Lottie Mae Hasberry, on a plot in the Lorenzo Harrison, Sr. Memorial Gardens in Selma. When the family visited on the one year anniversary they discovered something disturbing.

“On Feb. 14 of this year we came out here to put some flowers on her grave and find out that we have got a Doris Grey headstone sitting on our mother’s grave,” said Mattie Smith.

Between the proof of purchase for the plot and pictures, taken before the headstone was placed, the family is convinced a mistake was made at the city owned cemetery.

“For them to do my mother’s body like this, it is wrong. This ain’t caused nothing but a lot of confusion, heartache, and pain and suffering and grieving for my family. My mother doesn’t deserve this and my family doesn’t deserve this," said Smith.

Smith said she and other members of her family have reached out to the city to try to get this resolved but have not gotten any answers.

“We have no answers as to why this was done. We need closure. How can we heal and come out here to see and talk to my grandmother with someone else’s headstone on her grave. It is not fair," said Tyneshia Thomas. "I am not going to give up until the City of Selma fixes this problem so we can put the correct head stone on there with her name, her birth date, and a celebratory message we have for my grandmother from her family.”

This matter now has the personal attention of Mayor Darrio Melton after WSFA 12 News reached out to him directly about this.

“We take all concerns of citizens seriously and we will look into this matter further," said Mayor Melton.

We have also reached out to the funeral home who handled the arrangements of the woman whose name is on the head stone in an effort to get in touch with her family but have not heard back.

“Whoever Doris Grey’s family is we want them to come out to the cemetery so they can see and get to the bottom of whether they have Ms. Grey on top of my mom inside of this,” said Smith.

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