Teen suspect allegedly stealing guns from vehicles in Dallas County

Teen suspect allegedly stealing guns from vehicles in Dallas County

DALLAS COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - The alleged crimes are taking place long before sunrise on three Dallas County roads. Residents on County Road 16 have had their handguns stolen from their vehicles, cars and trucks that were unlocked.

“We think it’s the work of one person," said Captain Jonathan Cole with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators were able to retrieve home surveillance video that shows a suspect calmly walking around with a towel or some kind of cloth to prevent fingerprints and cover up his face.

“We got phone calls that there may be additional home footage, other footage from other victims they’re going to provide for the sheriff’s department" said Cole.

In all, five people claim to have had their weapons stolen. Some live on County Roads 517 and 869 in the Valley Grande area, three county roads in about a three mile radius.

“This is not random. This is planned," Cole said.

Dallas County investigators believe they have a pretty good idea from the video that the suspect is a juvenile; it appears he’s wearing a school uniform, based on a dark colored shirt and light brown pants. Investigators are working on identifying the school.

While detectives figure out who the juvenile is, Cole offered a word of advice: don’t fall prey to false security in the country - lock up the cars and trucks.

Cole said if they catch the suspect, he’ll be charged with at least two felonies. He estimates the value of the stolen guns combined is around $1,000.

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