Planet Fitness challenging teens to stay active all summer long

Planet Fitness challenging teens to stay active all summer long
Planet Fitness beginning Teen Summer Challenge (Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - With summer break beginning soon for students, Planet Fitness wants to help make sure they can stay active all summer long.

Today, Planet Fitness started an initiative called the Teen Summer Challenge to help teens between the ages of 15 and 18 to stay active during the summer.

Their studies show about 30 percent of teens in Georgia do not get the recommended amount of exercise.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is recommend that an average teen gets up to 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Teens who are eager for an opportunity to stay active during the summer can work out for free at Planet Fitness until Sept. 1.

“We did this as something to get them out of house and to get them involved," said Planet Fitness Assistant Manager Virginia Johnson. "With their parents as well, they can come to the gym and see that it’s nothing intimidating about working out, see that it’s actually fun and we also have classes with them, with a trainer so they can start early on their fitness goals.”

Studies also show that 42 percent of today’s teens are battling anxiety and body image issues and many teenagers are taking heed that a good workout may not be a bad idea.

“It just makes you feel more confident about yourself when you come to the gym everyday or even just a couple of times a week, it really helps with your self-confidence, makes you feel better about yourself, makes you feel like you’re really doing something,” said Kyle Frost, who is accepting the Teen Summer Challenge.

“When you work out, it helps you deal with stress, like if your stressed, it helps you get rid of that," said Dominick Jackson, another teen accepting the Teen Summer Challenge. "It really helps you with a lot and if you have real bad self-esteem, you can do whatever to help get your body right and look well.”

There are personal trainers on hand who will conduct two classes a day, working on different fitness techniques in addition to having free access to the gym.

“We are just here to motivate kids that exercise is a option throughout the summer and exercise is for everybody, so we just want to help this generation increase their health and just enhance everything and by that we are just creating opportunities here at Planet Fitness,” said personal trainer James Jackson.

Teen Summer Challenge is available at all Planet Fitness locations. You must have a parent or guardian with you to sign up and they will get a free one-day pass so they can pump some iron while there with you.

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