County Road 12: Jackson Lake Island- Millbrook’s Piece of Paradise

County Road 12: Jackson Lake Island

MILLBROOK, Ala. (WSFA) - Some folks call it Millbrook’s hidden paradise. If you check it out you’ll see why.

Jackson Lake Island has been in Lynn Bright’s family since 1970.

"This is Jackson Lake Island, fed by the Alabama River, just barely north of Montgomery,” said Lynn Bright.

There are all kinds of things to do on the 60 acre island. You can fish, camp out in a tent or cabin, get a little taste of Hollywood, and make friends with the biggest group on the island.

“It’s just a very serene place, just to get back to nature and God’s creation.” Bright said.

It’s a place where the humans are usually outnumbered.

“We have about 50 goats on the island. They walk freely and live under the church.” Bright said.

While the goats are a big attraction, it’s likely that a fish steals the show.

“Probably what caused more people to start coming is the movie set, which is still standing." Bright said.

That movie is Big Fish. In 2003 a well known movie director was looking for place to shoot his movie.

“I understand from folks at the film commission, Tim Burton drove through, and this was it.” Bright said.

Visitors even recreate a scene from the movie by tossing their shoes over a line. Lynne Bright and her husband Bobby are both retired, but are pretty much working overtime all the time, and they love it.

"In the summer I spend a lot of time on that zero turn mower. I can really operate that thing and it's a peaceful process for me.” Bright said.

Jackson Lake Island is always open. It’s located off Cypress Lane in Millbrook and most of the time you pay by the honor system.

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