Food for Thought 5/16

Food for Thought 5/16
Food For Thought

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Each week, the 12 News Defenders bring you the highest and lowest restaurant inspection scores from the county health department. Before you pick a place to eat, catch the latest edition of Food For Thought. The reports air each Thursday night at 10.

If you don’t see your favorite restaurant listed, click here for a full list from the Montgomery County Health Department. For inspection scores from other counties, click here to link to the Alabama Department of Public Health.


Faulkner University Football Stadium (5345 Atlanta Hwy.): 100

Subway (7628 Mobile Hwy.): 99

Cafe Siena (5345 Atlanta Hwy.): 99

Masa King, Inc. (2217 E. South Blvd.): 98


Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits (832 Ann St.): 83

Priority Item: Chicken tenders in hot holding at improper temperature

Kabuki (7834 Vaughn Rd.): 83

Priority Items: Meat, fish, eggs, tofu and Half & Half at improper temperature in walk-in cooler; Cooked rice left out in kitchen

Los Jalapenos (8157 Vaughn Rd.): 84

Priority Item: Water leaking onto tamales in walk-in freezer; Cooked pork out of date

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