CBD oil can be purchased at Alabama gas stations but not pharmacies

CBD oil can be purchased at Alabama gas stations but not pharmacies
(Source: WAFF)

(WAFF) - CBD oil may be legal in Alabama now, but you can’t buy it in a pharmacy. You can, however, buy this controlled substance at a gas station.

Even though CBD oil is legal in Alabama, the FDA has not made it legal to be sold at your pharmacy because it needs to have strict regulations.

But pharmacists WAFF 48 News spoke to said that could cause more harm than good because people who are using CBD oil are not being monitored.

CBD oil is still considered a controlled substance to the FDA, which means they will have to come up with strict guidelines before the drug can be sold in pharmacies.

Pharmacist Meghan Martin says the FDA needs to approve CBD oil immediately. She says it’s dangerous for people to be taking CBD oil along with other medications before consulting a doctor.

The problem is it could cause bad side effects depending on the other drugs taken with it.

The only way physicians can help make sure CBD oil is being used safely is getting it sold in local pharmacies across the Valley.

“You get at a gas station. They obviously don’t know what medications your supposed to be taking. So it would be a better aspect to be able to get it somewhere where someone could look at your medication profile and make sure its not going to be problem,” said Martin.

Martin says if you are thinking about taking CBD oil, first talk to your doctor or local pharmacist.

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