Owner of Arrowhead Park in shock after Auburn officer killed in shooting

Neighbors shocked after deadly shooting

AUBURN, Ala. (WSFA) - Tom Cordi has owned the Arrowhead Park since it opened in 1999. Cordi is still in shock along with residents, who live there, after a shooting that left one Auburn police officer dead and two others injured.

“I just rushed here and tried to help them. I gave them maps of the park and tried to find out myself what exactly happened. It’s very shocking and just as long as I’ve been opened I’ve never had any type of incident like this," said Tom Cordi, owner of Arrowhead Park.

Over the past 20 years Arrowhead Park has prided itself on offering a safe environment. Not only do they have 24-hour video surveillance, but everyone who lives there has to have a background check.

This is why Cordi was surprised hearing Grady Wayne Wilkes, one of the residents, was the suspect in the shooting.

“That is one reason why I was surprised because they have been here about three years I would say and never a hint of a problem of any kind,” said Cordi. “He was as normal as me and you. I mean nothing. I am a guy who doesn’t ignore red flags and I never got any red flags from him. You know I’m just baffled.”

Cordi said Wilkes lived there with his wife, who was a Veterinary student, for three years. On Monday, Cordi did contact all residents regarding the incident. Cordi also confirmed that one the officers injured in the shooting currently lives at the Park.

Lt. Col. Tim Alexander, director of public affairs for the Alabama National Guard, confirmed Wilkes has been with the Alabama Army National Guard since December 2010. Wilkes is an infantry fire team leader with a rank of corporal.

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