Homebuilder speaks out after construction site hit by thieves

Home construction builder warns after thieves steal from site

AUTAUGA COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - Joe Sellers has been building custom homes in and around Montgomery since 2004.

“We have done easily done several hundred,” said Sellers.

About two weeks ago Sellers says a home he is overseeing the construction of in Autauga County was hit by thieves.

The master bathtub, windows out of the garage, and two fire places all stolen. This resulted in a loss of around $4,000.

“They just came in and jerked it all out,” said Sellers. “You just get mad. No one likes a thief. You just know it is money that is costing you and your customer."

Sellers fears new home construction thefts could be on the rise. Since he was hit he has heard from fellow builders from around the area regarding even more significant theft over the past few months.

"A home in a nearby subdivision was hit. If I am correct they took cabinets, granite, plumbing fixtures, and even the front door,” said Sellers.

Work is now being done on that site to prevent this from happening again.

"We have cameras and things like that to see what we can do,” said Sellers.

Sellers hopes by sharing his experience the public is made aware of this issue.

"I think the biggest thing is a lot of the stuff unfortunately happens during the day time when people just assume the car parked out front is a sub contractor and that is not always the case,” said Sellers.

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