Leaders meet in Tallassee to discuss future ALDOT projects

Tallassee leaders feel their city is overlooked

Leaders meet in Tallassee to discuss future ALDOT projects

TALLASSEE, Ala. (WSFA) - The Alabama Department of Transportation is hearing from the people about their plans for the future.

Leaders were in Tallassee Tuesday to discuss the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.

This public comment is required to receive federal funds.

STIP details all the planned projects over the next few years.

Tallassee leaders say they feel like they’re overlooked when it comes to projects and wanted to make sure they were heard.

“The bridge [Benjamin Fitzpatrick Bridge] is flaking off and it looks terrible. Highway 14 through the middle of town, 229 have not been paved in over a decade. Where are we on repaving that? The Tallassee exit is very dark, no lights on the sign of the exit. Are we ever going to get any kind of lights there?” said Tallassee Mayor John Hammock.

“We may not know the answer right away but we go to our superiors and get the answers and get that information back to the public,” said ALDOT Engineer Michael Hora.

Leaders are having these type of meetings all month.

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