Case against 3 Selma police officers dismissed

Case against 3 Selma police officers dismissed

DALLAS COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - The attorney of three Selma police officers accused of making false statements says they were vindicated Wednesday after the case against them had been dismissed.

The state claimed the officers made false statements during an attorney general’s investigation. The nature of that investigation was never made public.

Court documents show the order handed down by a Dallas County circuit judge granting a motion to dismiss cases brought against three Selma police officers by the state.

“I’ve never had a victory that was more satisfying than this," said attorney Julian McPhillips.

McPhillips has been representing Tori Neely, Jeffrey Hardy, and Kendall Thomas since last year when they were arrested and charged.

“We couldn’t get them to tell us what it was they had done wrong to begin with. They give us 30,000 documents to look through. I mean it was just the most asinine, ridiculous criminal charges I have ever seen," said McPhillips.

McPhillips and his co-counsel, David Sawyer, believes the dismissal came down to one thing.

“Grand Jury Secrecy Rules were violated - in particularly a key witness was allowed to sit through all the other witnesses’ testimony and then testify herself,” said McPhillips.

While his clients can breathe a little easier now, McPhillips says the damage has already been done.

“They’ve just been treated so horribly by all of this. Hurt very badly financially, morally, and other ways,” said McPhillips.

This is why he is calling for action to be taken in Thomas, Neely and Hardy’s favor.

“They need to have immediate reinstatement, back pay, and we’re still looking at further justice measures that will help to remedy them for the wrongs they have suffered," said McPhillips.

WSFA 12 News did reach out to the Attorney General’s Office for comment. Their spokesperson said they had no comment on the case. We also put in a request for comment from the city of Selma and police chief and are waiting to hear back.

Thursday morning there will be news conference with McPhillips and his clients to speak more about what there next moves are.

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