Pup and Circumstance: Pooch steals show at high school graduation

Updated: May. 23, 2019 at 11:07 PM CDT
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NEW SITE, Ala. (WSFA) - You spend years pulling in the A grades, graduate top of your class, and finally find your place on the podium to give the speech as class valedictorian. No one will ever forget your passionate prose. Or was that the dog’s three-legged pose?

“Charlie” showed up, watered the plants as your speech commenced, and stole your thunder forever. That’s ruff.

Welcome to Horseshoe Bend High School, New Site, Alabama. Class of 2019. They’ll talk about this at reunions for decades to come.

Like many a small town in America, this town has a local dog. His name is Charlie, and while everyone loves him, he probably didn’t have an invitation to the graduation. That didn’t stop the pooch from making his appearance on the field. Que up the “pup and circumstance.”

As cameras rolled, Charlie strolled onto the field and over to some decorative ferns. The small group of graduates, numbering around 60, watched as Charlie stood emotionless, and gave them No. 1.

Charlie and the fern at Horshoe Bend High School in New Site, Alabama. That's owner Logan in...
Charlie and the fern at Horshoe Bend High School in New Site, Alabama. That's owner Logan in the background. You can probably find him without any help.(Denise Walls)

As Charlie drowned the fern, the graduates drowned out the valedictorian, and his moment in the spotlight, with laughter. When he was done, Charlie stepped forward, as if to get his own diploma, tail wagging in approval.

As Denise Walls tells it, Charlie is her sister’s dog.

“They live right down the road from the school and Charlie is at the school almost every day,” she explained. “He just loves being around people and is the sweetest dog.”

While everyone else was laughing, Walls snapped a picture of the moment Charlie made his mark on Horseshoe Bend.

In the background of that photo is another shot that’s priceless. Her nephew, Logan, can be seen putting his hand over his face. Man’s best friend, indeed.

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