Busiest Memorial Day travel weekend in 14 years

Memorial Day weekend travel busiest in 14 years

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - If you plan on traveling this Memorial Day weekend, you’re not the only one. Triple A is predicting 43 million Americans will be traveling this weekend, making this Memorial Day weekend the busiest for travelers in 14 years.

“Traffic is already picking up, just as we expected, just like it does every year. People are headed to their summer vacation destinations for the long weekend and we’re going to have troopers out on the roads," Sgt. Steve Jarrett, with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), said.

Roughly 38 million of those Americans will be traveling by car. That’s why ALEA is putting more state troopers on the roads this weekend.

“We hope to be out there and be highly visible and deter a lot of that behavior," Jarrett said.

Deter behavior like texting and driving, drinking and driving and not wearing a seat belt.

“When you introduce distractions such as cell phones, things inside the vehicle, alcohol... it creates a very unsafe environment," Jarrett said.

An unsafe environment for others on the roads. The same rules also apply for those in the water.

“We’re going to see boaters under the influence, probably crashes as a result. We’ll be there to investigate it and we’ll follow it through the court system and they’ll get what’s coming to them," Jarrett said.

If you do see something suspicious on the roads or in the water, call 911.

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