Wreaths hang at Bryant Museum in memory of Bart Starr

Wreaths hang at Bryant Museum in memory of Bart Starr
Wreaths at Bryant Museum in memory of Bart Starr (Source: WBRC)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Visitors to the Bryant Museum at the University of Alabama can see how Bart Starr is remembered here as soon as they enter the building.

Red wreaths with black bows sprinkled with houndstooth memorabilia hang on the doors in his honor.

“You can come by the museum, see those wreaths, pay respects to a great man Bart Starr,” said Ken Gaddy, Director of the Bryant Museum.

He called Starr one of those players whose greatness on the field grew after leaving the university. Starr played defensive back, punter, and quarterback for the Crimson Tide from 1952 to 1955, several years before Paul Bear Bryant coached at the university.

"Didn’t play as much during his senior year as he had a coaching change. So he was one of those players who was at Alabama who maybe wasn’t the biggest name perhaps in Alabama football history. So his legacy is a little different. More of a pro career than an Alabama career,” Gaddy continued.

Starr is still recognized in sections of the museum highlighting Bama’s Big 1953 Orange Bowl win. And in the future, Starr and other players who played for the Crimson Tide outside of the Bryant era will be added to the new video screen on the Bryant Wall of Honor that shows the pictures, stats and big plays made on the field.

“Bart Starr was one of those who never met a stranger. He treated everybody the same. Always glad to see you and he was a great man,” Gaddy continued.

Those wreaths will remain hanging at the museum until Monday.

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