Police: Don’t post doorbell camera video online

ring doorbells catching porch pirates

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Wednesday started out as a normal day for Jeremy Brink.

“I was notified when the UPS guy around two or so and left my packages on the porch,” says Brink.

But then he got an unexpected notification.

“My first thought was dang, I can’t believe this lady is on my porch, you know, stealing my stuff,” says Brink.

The video shows a woman who appears to be unaware of the doorbell camera, taking something out of the mailbox and taking off with two other boxes. Brink posted the video on Facebook hoping to get a lead.

“I could not believe it, like this woman was walking down the hill with a stack of boxes,” says Brink.

With more people owning doorbell cameras, more people are posting those videos on social media in hopes of catching a thief. After all, they see police doing it all the time. But this is one thing, police say, you should leave up to them.

“I feel that way because you don’t want anyone to know you’re a victim. You don’t want the bad guy to know you’ve done this report,” says Sgt. Michael Mangina with the Irondale Police Department.

He says posting the video on Facebook could lead the suspect straight to your profile, allowing them to gain personal knowledge of your home and family.

“Or they could retaliate, they may remember exactly where you live,” says Mangina.

Mangina says to file a police report, then let them investigate. Meanwhile, Brink is grateful he got the doorbell camera.

“It’s very helpful. In my case, I was able to pretty much catch somebody red-handed," says Brink.

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