State House District 74 race: Michael Fritz

Special election ahead for thousands of Montgomery residents

House District 74 Candidates: Michael Fritz

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - It’s time to take a peek in the race for State House District 74 in Montgomery. You’ll recall incumbent Rep. Dimitrios Polizos died in March. The race is a special election to replace him.

Michael Fritz. 48 years old. Montgomery bankruptcy attorney. A Lt. Colonel in the Armed Reserves. He grew up in north Georgia and wants to make a difference here in Montgomery.

“I tell people when I knock on doors, I just want to serve," said Fritz.

Fritz is one of six Republican candidates with the eye on the District 74 seat.

“It stretches from Capital Heights to North of 85 to AUM," he said.

Fritz’s goals? Get a handle on crime and making education better in the Capital City.

“We’ve all heard people say, ‘I hate living in Montgomery,’ and, 'Montgomery is the worst place ever.’ If they say that, they haven’t been anywhere, because there’s bad everywhere. We have to have people buy in being proud of where they live," he said.

Fritz initially had plans to run for mayor of Montgomery but had a change of heart believing the state House offered a better opportunity to be more effective.

“The people who know me like me but not everybody knows me," said Fritz.

The attorney, and now Republican candidate, found a way to play off of his last name. A catchy YouTube clip, a message he approves of by the way.

The primary is June 11. The runoff is set for Aug. 27, if there is one with the general election scheduled for Nov. 12.

“I’m on the Montgomery County-City Library Board," he said.

With a colorful and varied background, Michael Fritz hopes to write a new chapter in his career of service.

Fritz says he’s spent around $35,000 so far.. most of it is coming from donations.

Whoever wins District 74 will serve out the remainder of Rep. Polizos’ term of three years. There is also one Democrat running in the race.

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