Jesse Heifner eyes GOP ticket in special House District 74 election

Jesse Heifner running for state legislature seat

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Tuesday, voters will determine who will be on the Republican ticket for the upcoming Alabama House District 74 election. Candidate Jesse Heifner is among the six vying for that position.

This primary race marks Heifner’s first run in politics. As a citizen, and a local attorney with his own practice, Heifner says he knows the issues that impact residents everyday.

“As a small business owner, we’re always looking to encourage economic growth, cutting red tape, keeping taxes low to increase our business relationships and income,” said Heifner.

According to him, one way to improve the economy: decrease crime. Heifner believes Montgomery’s crime rate is chasing people out of the city limits and he has a plan to stop it.

Heifner believes surveillance would prevent property crimes.

“There’ve been studies done in Baltimore and Chicago where surveillance systems were put in neighborhoods in those towns,” explained Heifner. “Those surveillance systems were put in obvious places where criminals would know this street is being monitored. They saw a drop in crime of at least 25 percent.”

The first legislative task for the district’s new representative will likely be prison reform. Heifner says he’s not in favor of reducing criminal penalties, but would support building new prisons.

As for spending, he wants to give state retirees a cost of living raise and limit the tax dollars spent on civil litigation for corrupt politicians.

“That’s not a good allocation of resources,” stated Heifner. “It’s not a good way to spend our money.”

Heifner’s also a stringent supporter of term limits, something he will self-impose if elected.

“You can make a bunch of promises and say I have the rest of my political career to fulfill those promises,” he explained. “But if you give yourself a time limit you’ll go a lot faster.”

To date, Heifner is the financial front-runner in this race, roughly doubling his opponents’ fundraising efforts. State records cite $108,200.00 dollars in campaign contributions in Heifner’s most recent report, which includes a sizable personal loan. He’s raised $33,200.00 dollars of the total cash contributions.

The GOP Primary for Alabama House District 74 is June 11.

The special election was prompted by the untimely death of Representative Dimitri Polizos in March.

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