Rain, rain and more rain...

A few strong storms possible this afternoon

Rain, rain and more rain through the weekend

A broad upper low continues to churn to the west of Alabama, pulling up warm, moisture-laden air from the Gulf of Mexico. While the temperature is much lower than last week, the humidity is considerably higher. So, it FEELS uncomfortably warm. And, this muggy environment will help fuel large clusters of rain over the next several days. And, with some wind shear in place, a few strong storms can’t be completely ruled out this afternoon, mainly south and west of Montgomery.

The risk is exceptionally low and barely worth mentioning - but we’ll err on the side of caution and at least throw out a minimal risk of severe weather until 8-9pm. After that, the sun sets and we lose the daytime heating, so the already low severe weather risk will drop to near zero.


Otherwise, the big story is the soggy pattern that will linger through Monday. With the upper low anchored northwest of us, we will stay on the warm, muggy and wet side of this system. Intervals of rain will continue - day and night - through the weekend. It won’t rain *all* day or night, this will be an on and off scenario with wet and dry intervals. The rain will be heavy at times, though, and most of us can expect 2-4″ of rainfall through Monday evening. And, a few storms are possible at times; these could produce strong, gusty wind and frequent lightning in a few spots.

A wet pattern continues through early next week.
A wet pattern continues through early next week. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

A cold front slips through the state by Tuesday of next week, this will bring a cooler, drier airmass into the state - it will feel very nice around here by the middle to end of next week! Until then - keep the umbrella handy.

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