UA releases emails showing evidence Culverhouse decision was not influenced by abortion, boycott comments

Alabama chancellor Finis E. St. John IV announces Culverhouse Jr. resolution

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - The University of Alabama System released detailed information days following accepting the resolution to return a record $26.5 million donation from Hugh Culverhouse Jr., and remove Culverhouse’s name from the School of Law.

The 17-page document clarifies the decision-making process behind the University of Alabama after the board accepted the resolution on Friday.

Culverhouse initially made headlines weeks after Alabama signed its anti-abortion bill into law, calling for students to boycott the University of Alabama. Despite Culverhouse saying the University of Alabama’s decision was based on these comments, the statement released June 9 says that is not true.

The document states the decision was based on Culverhouse attempting to influence student admissions, scholarship awards, the hiring and firing of faculty and the employment status of the law school dean. The document includes emails from Chancellor Finnis St. John IV on May 25 (four days prior to Culverhouse’s initial comments) that recommend the donations be returned and Culverhouse’s name be removed from the school.

(Source: WBRC/WBRC via University of Alabama System)

St. John IV said Friday following the resolution being accepted that Culverhouse Jr.'s expectations for the use of his donations have been “inconsistent with academic integrity and independent administration of the law school.”

“We will learn from this experience and always remember we cannot and will not compromise those values of academic integrity and independent administration at any price," St. John IV said.

Hugh Culverhouse Jr.'s name removed from University of Alabama law school sign

Culverhouse Jr. has donated over $30 million to the University of Alabama. This recent $21.5 million contribution included the law school being named the Hugh F. Culverhouse School of Law.

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