BBB: Scammers using political robocalls to get your money

BBB: Scammers using political robocalls to get your money

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -It seems to happen all the time; Your phone rings, the number looks somewhat familiar but then you answer and it’s one of those annoying robocalls.

Sometimes it may be a message you just don’t want to hear, but other times it could be a scam. Officials with the Better Business Bureau says you should especially watch out for robocalls where the voice introduces themselves as a well known political figure.

"What we've found is a lot of these are fake,” said David Smitherman with the Better Business Bureau. “They are not who they say they are, and the money is not going to support whatever political action that the consumer may want. They are simply pocketing the money."

So, what should you do? First off, if you don’t recognize a number just let it go to your voicemail. Next, if you listen to one of these messages and they ask you to “press 1” or “press 2” for more options, don’t do it. This lets scammers know they have a live caller on the line. Also, never wire to someone unless you know them. Once you wire someone the money it’s as good as gone.

There are other things you can do. If you sign up on the Do Not Call Registry it will block a lot of those robocalls, but some might still sneak through.

Best advice? If you’re looking to make a donation to a candidate or a cause, contact them yourself so you know you’re dealing with a legitimate operation and not a scammer.

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