Wiregrass business owner responds to alert by BBB

Wiregrass business owner responds to alert by BBB

OZARK, Ala. (WSFA) - The owner of a Wiregrass business under scrutiny by the Better Business Bureau says her company is working to make things right with customers.

The BBB recently issued an alert for online retailer Frogs and Frills. Frogs and Frills sells monogrammed goods, boutique clothing, and farmhouse decor at discounted prices. According to the BBB, as of Monday, they had received 275 complaints and 37 reviews on the business from victims all over the United States.

Garet Smitherman, Central and South Alabama BBB Vice President of Operations, confirmed that the complaints from customers were due to delays in shipments, incomplete shipments, or not getting items purchased and lack of communication regarding to complaint.

Smitherman confirmed since the alert was issued, Frogs and Frills has taken action and responded to over 200 previously unanswered complaints and inquiries from the BBB - some dating back to 2016. Customers were either sent their items or were issued a refund. But Smitherman says in the last few weeks they’ve heard from others.

“There are just under 100 pending complaints. New complaints that have been in process in the last few weeks,” said Smitherman.

Frogs and Frills owner, Hayley Stevens, confirmed the company had received complaints. She says the company, that started back in 2011, has swelled in recent years and they are working to meet demands.

“Just recently over the past year or two have really grown in business. We introduced a new product and literally went from having a couple hundred orders a month to waking up to several thousand orders overnight,” said Stevens.

She says a big problem with her BBB status involved addressing the dispute with the customer, but not alerting the BBB the complaint had been resolved.

Stevens says she’s taking the complaints seriously and has increased her staff to seven people and is looking to hire more to keep up with orders. She says she’s also looking at doing less personalized merchandise, which she says delayed the shipping process previously.

“So far this year, we’ve sent out a little over 19,000 orders, so compared to the percentage of complaints it’s pretty small, but we are taking those complaints seriously and addressing them,” said Stevens.

The BBB had previously given the company an "F" rating. They currently have an “NR” rating as they work through the remainder of the complaints.

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