Lee County Sheriff Office’s 'super’ vehicle a hit with kids

County Road 12: Super sheriff vehicle

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - If you’re a kid in school, going up to a police officer or sheriff’s deputy may be a little intimidating. The Lee County Sheriff’s office has found a “Super” way to change that.

“It’ll break some necks,” said school resource officer deputy Rob Alexander. “It’s our Lego Superhero Mobile.”

They came up with the idea about a year ago. Here’s what deputy Alexander told a group of students who were attending a junior deputy program.

“It allows us to get close to you, so you know that we are just real people here to help you guys. If me, deputy Treadwell, or deptuy Vannoy roll up in this at your school or neighborhood, are you going to feel more comfortable hanging out and talking with us?” Alexander said.

The students replied with a loud YES! The vehicle is actually the sheriff’s old 2003 Ford Expedition. Thanks to donations from the community a lot of the transformation was paid for. When kids feel safe it’s a lot easier to get their message across.

“Law enforcement are just people as well.” Alexander said.

As for future plans, they may have something in works down the road that appeals to some of the older students.

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