Woman hopes to create memorial library for the children who died in Lee Co. tornadoes

Woman hopes to create memorial library for the children who died in Lee Co. tornadoes
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BEAUREGARD, Ala. (WTVM) - A woman who lives in Beauregard wants to build a local library in honor of the four children who were killed in the deadly tornadoes that hit Lee County Mar. 3.

Robin Ashworth got the idea after taking her granddaughter to the library in Opelika and she decided to start working on creating the Four Children’s Library in Beauregard.

“We need to celebrate that life," she said. "We don’t only need to remember that we lost them, but we need to remember that we had them to begin with.”

The four children killed were AJ Hernandez, 6; Taylor Thornton, 10; Mykala Waldon, 8; and Jonathan Bowen, 9.

Bobby Kidd is Hernandez’s grandfather.

“We lost our grandson, we had friends that we lost, we had friends that lost their children," Kidd said. " It’s something that’s very difficult to move on from. You never really get over it.”

He said AJ was a very active child who loved to play outside but still liked to read.

“He liked to read as long as it wasn’t his homework,” Kidd said. "Power Ranger stuff, batman stuff. "

Ashworth said the space doesn’t need to be high tech or fancy, but rather just a simple space for local children to come and enjoy.

“Mostly when you think library, you think work, homework, study. I want a place where they can go and have fun and be kids, not, ‘Shhh, be quiet,’” she said. “We don’t want a new building with pristine carpet. [We want] donated books, donated furniture.”

She wants this library to have a lasting impact on the community.

“Those children aren’t gone," Ashworth said. "They’re not here with us physically, but they’re here. If we have something that our children can say, ‘Hey, I know you. I never met you but I know you.’ That’s what I want.”

Kidd said having a space like this in honor of AJ and the other three children means a lot.

“For someone to dedicate something like this to them is great,” he said. “Not only the family lost these kids. Their friends, their classmates, they lost them too. Just to feel like they’re closer to them, I think it’s great for the community and the children.”

If you want to learn more about the Four Children’s Library or wish to donate to the cause, check out their Facebook page.

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