Rep. Roby brings attention to Dannelly Field on House floor

Rep. Roby brings attention to Dannelly Field on House floor
Rep. Martha Roby addressing the House floor regarding facility upgrade needs for Dannelly Field in Montgomery. (Source: Rep. Martha Roby's office)

WASHINGTON (WSFA) - Rep. Martha Roby spoke about the need for facility updates for Dannelly Field on the House floor Wednesday during consideration of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee Fiscal Year 2020 funding bill.

“I would like to raise awareness that a correctly sized and properly configured maintenance facility to support and repair F-35 aircraft coming to the 187th Fighter Wing is needed very soon at Dannelly Field in Montgomery, Alabama,” Rep. Roby said.

Dannelly Field needs the upgrades to support the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter mission, according to Roby. Montgomery was selected over cities like Detroit and Jacksonville back in 2017 to home these F-35 jets.

The jets should begin arriving sometime in 2023, and Roby said Dannelly Field does not currently have an adequately sized maintenance facility to support and repair the cutting-edge aircraft.

“I appreciate the Chairwoman and ranking member’s efforts to provide our men and women in uniform adequate and acceptable working spaces so they can do their job accurately and efficiently,” Roby added as she addressed the House. “I look forward to working with you on this issue as we work through the fiscal year 2020 appropriations process.”

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